Son of Iniquity – Episode 9: The Effects

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Perhaps he didn’t intend it. Perhaps, Martin Luther simply wanted to start a discussion. Whatever his intentions, his actions shattered the structure of European society.

Luther saw the immediate impacts of his resistance on the world around him, but he would die before some of the most cataclysmic effects occurred. Arguably, we are still living through them as their reverberations echo through time.

In this episode we summarise some of the consequences of Luther’s resistance, whilst ignoring much about his life that will have to wait for another, much different podcast.

Thank you for riding this wave with us and see you for the next story of rebellion and resistance.

Actually we won’t see you. Audio medium. Talk to you soon ladies and gents.

Oh and STUFF what you tell me!

“Why would anyone tolerate such things from someone like you, a rotten paunch, crude ass and fart-ass?” – from ‘Against the Roman Papacy, an Institution of the Devil’.

German Peasants Revolt 1524-25

The feudal structure in Germany was crumbling and discontent spread across the temporal realm as much as the spiritual. It is hard to ignore the coincidence of Luther’s call for individual spirituality, with a greater demand for individual rights. This map shows how the revolt happened in much the same hot-spot from which both the printing press and Luther’s reformation had come forth.

The locality of the conflict.

Map courtesy of Susan M. Pojer


Good Stuff on Luther and other Shizzle:

Martin Luther: His Road to Reformation 1483-1521, Martin Brecht (Fortress Press, 1985)

Here I Stand – A life of Martin Luther, Roland Bainton, (Abingdon-Cokesbury Press, 1950)

Martin Luther: The Man and his Vision, Scott H. Hendrix, (Yale University, 2015)

Luther: Translator of Paul, Heinz Bluhm, (P. Lang, 1984)

The Holy Roman Empire 1495-1806Peter H. Wilson, (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2011)

The Popes, John Julius Norwich, (Random House, 2011)

Lutheran Insulter –  a website which picks randomly selected insults from Luther’s body of work.  They have a lot of material to choose from


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