The Unfortunate Voyage of the Batavia – Episode 3: Rites of Passage

Listen to Episode Duration 50:30

The reconstructed Batavia under sail Source

Life on board a ship in the 1600s was no joyous experience. In this episode, we look at what the crew, soldiers and passengers aboard the Batavia went through, as they made their way from the United Provinces to their first scheduled stop at the Cape of Good Hope: the southern tip of Africa.


A map of the established Portuguese route to India. VOC ship such as Batavia would follow the same route as far as the Cape of Good Hope.
By Walrasiad
ship terms
To be a pirate, one must first learn to talk like a pirate
Dutch ships in Table Bay. Tafelbaai – Aernout Smith, 1683.  Part of the William Fehr Collection, Cape Town.
Image result for batavia ship blueprint
Blueprint of VOC ship, such as Batavia, from mid-1600s. For specific section labels, check out this Source

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