The Unfortunate Voyage of the Batavia – Episode 6: Bloody Oath

Listen to Episode Duration 45:04

Upper Merchant Francisco Pelsaert, Captain Arjen Jacobsz and about 40 other people are sailing in a longboat north along the immense coast of Het Zuidland.  They’re on a rescue mission to the fort at Batavia, 3000kms north of where the ship Batavia has sunk at Houtman’s Abrolhos.  Unfortunately, they won’t be able to rescue as many people as they would like, because Jeronimus Cornelisz is about to go on a rampage of murder, sex slavery, and pretty much every other horrible thing you can think of.  Batavia’s Graveyard, July 1629, is one of those places in history that you would never, ever want to find yourself.

Addendum: We are aware that the title of this episode is the same as one in the Peter Fitzsimons book, Batavia.  We named it this and then realised it was the same after we had recorded it.  I guess we are equally as witty as him!  If you haven’t read Peter Fitzsimons’ book, you really should.  It’s fantastic.

The marooned people on Batavia’s Graveyard play a game of hide and seek to pass the time – from the Jan Jansz 1647 edition of Ongeluckige Voyagie. Source.
Aerial view of Batavia’s Graveyard today.Source.
A skeleton found on Batavia’ Graveyard.  WA Museum, Jeremy Green. Source.

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