Compelling and Selling Rebellion


Listen to Episode Duration 31:25

In the late 1970s, a band called the Sex Pistols helped kick off one of the great anti-establishment movements of the modern age; punk rock. It was a decade of social unrest and political uncertainty in the United Kingdom, with striking miners, IRA attacks, severe inflation and an IMF bail-out. When there seemed to be no future for the youth of Britain, the Sex Pistols were at the forefront of the new music and fashion movement which defiantly stuck a middle finger up to everything and everyone. But how real is an anti-materialistic rebellion when some people make themselves very rich off of it?

The infamous interview on the Today Show with Bill Grundy.

The Sex Pistols perform on the Thames during the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

Workers at the Virgin pressing plant went on strike over this image of Queen Elizabeth II.
Malcolm McLaren standing in front of his famous shop SEX.
The Sex Pistols in Paradiso, Amsterdam, January 1977. Koen Suyk / Anefo, Nationaal Archief.

Johnny Rotten, butter salesman.


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