Coup de Pod: When Rebellion Blooms

Every great movement needs a symbol, and so the carnation became that of the Portuguese rebellion

Listen to Episode Duration 32:02

Stuff What You Tell Me has been taken over this episode for a Coup de Pod. Violently imposed upon and hosted by Geert Sillevis, here we explore the story of the rise and fall of the Portuguese dictatorship in the 20th century. It was an authoritarian rule that embedded itself deeply within the fabric of modern Portugal, and it would take nothing short of daring and decisive rebellion to change it. That rebellion was the Carnation Revolution of 1974.

Arms open, rebel officer Lieutenant Alfredo Assunção approaches the guns and tanks of the loyalists
António de Oliveira Salazar – avid reader of books and wearer of hair oil


One thought on “Coup de Pod: When Rebellion Blooms

  1. This is an accurate, concise and interesting account of the Carnation Revolution. I highly reccomend it to all the listeners. Thank you for the excellent research!


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